At origins, the rhinestones were rock crystals extracted from the Rhin River, hence their English name of “rhinestones”.
Their availability increased significantly in the 18th century when the Alsatian Georgian Friedrich Strass jeweler had the idea of imitating diamonds, this is the reason why in Europe these glass crystals are called Strass.
Whether they are called rhinestones or crystals, no matter how boring a garment, simply by applying them, the product comes out of anonymity.
Application of rhinestones gives a shining appearance, rhinestones can be used as imitation of diamonds.
We can offer you a variety of shapes, colors and sizes to create your desired pattern.
Our catalog contains crystals, pearls, metal, epoxy, convex, cat eyes, octagon, pyramid, etc.
Because we know health is the most important, all of our materials have lead-free certification.
The high quality of the materials we use and the experience of our company guarantee that they will not depart from the product.
The strass were adopted by the fashion world as they appeared and represented an alternative to the sequins.
They are used on all kinds of garments: day clothes, eveningwear, sportswear, shoes, jewelery, bags, etc.
Strass are called using the name “ss” and a number indicating the size.
Hot fix application can be created also by using the laser.
Here are some examples and we look forward to your proposals to create a successful product together.