Experience makes the difference!


Petronas Cloth Decoration is a successful company, with years of experience in the field of garments embellishment, a well known partner to European level.

The ingredients of our success are: experience, advance technology, innovation and the will to create a product to be proud of.

Our philosophy is simple: every client is important!

Petronas Cloth Decoration is a company for which the history is starting in 1999.

Since then, the company deliver with success hundreds of thousand garments, quality, promptness and seriousness of the personnel made the company to resist in time and benefit from great international recognition.

Our customer list, big names in the fashion industry, represents our visit card and recommend us as a reliable partner for your business.

Having an experience of over 20th years, qualified personnel and latest types of machines, we transform every cloth in a piece of art by using:

Embroidery with different types of stitches; Cut Out embroidery; 3D Embroidery; Scalloping Embroidery; Embroidery fabric on roll; Leather Embroidery; Quilted embroidery; Logo Embroidery; Sequin embroidery; Cornely embroidery.

Type: Knife, Box  & Crystal

On the product, hem, collar, aso.

Hot Fix  and metal application, using laser cut and thermic transfer to  create new designs for fabrics.

Experience makes the difference!
The company is constantly developing, we invest constantly in new  technologies that together with the experience of our staff make us a top company, both in the country and in Europe.
Respect for employees, a pleasant work environment, stimulates their creativity and work capacity, which contributes to the company’s reputation and value.

We place special emphasis on quality, and we have a control department, so each piece in the factory is individually controlled, immediately after leaving the line, and before going to the customer.
We work with the top suppliers for the accessories we offer, because we believe that a high quality final product can only be obtained if all its components have a high quality standard.

Production capacities, deliveries in time
We have one of the largest production capacities in Romania, and each delivery is within the agreed time with the customer.
We know how important it is to respect our given word, so that each partner can complete their production process.
We face successfully all the challenges, for example delivering in a short time an order of over 50,000 pieces.
We make our own in-house design so we can control the entire production process.

The company’s policy
We respect the legislation in force and the requirements of our partners.
We have a code of integrity, antidiscrimination, health and safety, environment, well defined, and we ensure that the company is a trusted partner for employees and collaborators.

We want to build a lasting partnership with you and make sure we do our best to meet the most demanding   requirements.


                                                                        We remain at your disposal!

                                         Petronas Cloth Decoration Team