Laser cutting is a novelty on fashion podiums.
This technology is becoming more and more popular in the textile industry, with special effects on materials.
There is no argument that does not recommend this technique.
The laser has come to be used successfully in most collections of great designers and also among manufacturers of garments.
If you want a beautiful coat with special details, laser cutting is the solution.
A variety of materials such as silk, nylon, polyester, fleece, leather and replacements, mesh, cotton, etc. can be laser cut.

Advantages of Laser Cutting:

Accurate cutting – for the toughest designs, regardless of the structure of the fabric;
Designs with perfect and line curves;
Seals the synthetic material, preventing its disintegration;
Eliminating the hem – laser cutting can easily replace the hem of the garments, bringing added product finesse and lower production costs.
Cutting precision – Cutting accurately when using scissors can be quite difficult, especially when cutting large quantities for production. In this case, laser cutting can easily be used. The size of the cuts-the laser can create designs with cuts starting from a few millimeters.
Repeatability – The laser has the advantage of cutting the same design every time, from small quantities to thousands of pieces.
The loss of material – is minimal due to the millimeter frames.
Laser cutting is done without the human factor acting on the material, so it retains its original condition as delicate as it may be.

Application of laser technology:

Laser cutting is used in most industries.
In the fashion industry the laser is used for: product designs, laser cutting for hem, collars, etc.
Laser cutting is a process where creativity has no limits, and will have a long history in fashion.
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