The technique of embroidery dates back to distant times and has been discovered in most parts of the world.
Embroidery has been raised to the state of art over time, defines beauty and has the power to bring value to the objects on which it is placed.
If in the beginning this was made  with the needle and thread, nowadays the industrial embroidery machines can quickly make special designs and large volumes. The first industrial embroidery machine dates back to 1964 and was invented by Tajima Company, which has become over the years the undisputed leader in this industry, and because we wanted to work with the best and to offer quality, our embroidery machines are Tajima.
We are specialists in fashion embroidery, and we can combine on a single product several types of embroidery: with beads, sequins, 3d embroidery, cut out embroidery, cornely, aso.
We can also mix embroidery with other techniques  such as laser cutting, rhinestones or pleating.
We collaborate with the best suppliers and our thread catalogue  contains over 400 colors  of various types – normal, polyester, cotton, metallic, lurex, super-twist. In the same model we can work with 12 colors.
We embroider both on cuts but also on large surfaces including fabric on roll.
Our machines have up to 24 work heads and can do large quantities in very short time.
Here are some models that are part of the categories listed above.
We give you our experience for creating together a valuable garment.


cut out embroidery



leather embroidery

quiLted embroidery

Chain stitch EMBROIDERY